Outline 3PL

3PL working to your benefit.

Norlite Inc. has adapted from its original business scope. We not only distribute lighting and home décor, we also provide Third Party Logistics services.

Norlite offers a unique 3-PL business model as this market has continued to expand, allowing companies to ship throughout Canada with little to no risk.

American companies have partnered with Norlite Inc. to warehouse and distribute their product across Canada. This allows for goods to be shipped in a timely and efficient manner without border issues or additional duty and freight charges.

The company regularly ships to various distribution centers across Canada for box store retailers.

Additionally, as the e-commerce market continues to grow, so does our commitment to ship products directly to the customer.


  • Unique 3-PL pricing model
  • Little to no risk to ship across Canada
  • Lower border duty & freight charges
  • Timely and efficient shipping times
  • EDI Software Knowledge
  • Provides companies a dedicated Canadian office, warehouse, and distribution facility